Things Women Find Super Attractive About Bearded Men

Hi Guys, this a post where we ask a guest to tell us what she thinks about beards . Today we are going to ask —- what are the top 5 things she likes about men with beards . Be sure to check her out on social media

Hi —- so what are the those five things you like about bearded guy’s ?

Thanks, um, so one of the of the top off my head I feel that a man with a beard usually takes better care of themselves.

You know it takes time and care in ensuring that they’re, you know using the right products and just going through the whole process of maintaining a solid beard it’s not easy you can’t just let it grow you need to nurture it and groom it .

I take a lot of pride in taking care of myself and I like a man who does the same or at least understands the process, a bit more and that’s something that’s  incredibly masculine to me.

Without sounding creepy there’s also that thing of like you’ll marry a guy like your father . My dad has a full beard when I was growing up so there’s that familiarity kind of where it’s like. Okay, you’ll, take care of me like he did it’s very reminiscent of like a father figure.

I also like the care free aspect of a guy with a beard ,I’m a very touchy, feely, pokey kind of person, so you just have something for me to play with and I like how it feels very sensory.

I’m a big fan of guy’s who take care of their beards with nice smelling beard oil’s I like if I wake up next to somebody and they have beard that smells really good . So yeah that’s something else I like about bearded guy’s

I would also like to add, that it doesen’t matter how long or how short a beard is as long as it’s well kept and well maintained and trimmed, plus I understand that it takes time to grow.

I’m not going to fault a guy for having a short beard as long as you take pride in it.

Well, fellas: there you have it fellas that’s —- thought’s in regards to bearded guy’s thanks for reading and be sure to check out instagram page .

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