My Personal Experience Of Having A Beard

Hi, today I want to talk to you about a couple things some things that change when you have a beard – of course ay some of this will be tongue-in-cheek .

One thing I’ve noticed since growing my beard is people call you brother a lot more, you could be standing in a checkout getting ready to pay for your shopping or grabbing a cup of coffee and a complete stranger will say to you nice beard brother, I’m like okay, brother, that’s cool! You get called brother more because when you have a beard, you are now part of a brotherhood

Number, two a beard is something that men are comfortable with complimenting each other about i’ve never had a man side up to me and say hey nice belt, or I really like your shoes. Most men don’t anyways, but people can come up to you and say nice beard bro.


My Personal Experience Of Having A Beard

What else changes dating with a beard, is different than dating without a beard number one. It’s like my brother who shaved his head and he said he will be sitting on a bar and woman will come up and just start rubbing his head and he’s like when he had hair no one came up and rubbed his head, so it attracts a different kind of person which is kind of interesting.

I find that the who knew me pre-beared prefered my clean-shaven face . They will say things like when are you going to lose the beard , or okay, you grew a beard for winter, I’m like no, I grew a beard forever and it’s not going anywhere once the sunshine comes out .

I’m also finding that I attract a whole different crowd of women I remember going on a date and kissing a woman and she kind of backs up, and she goes Wow.  I thought there must have been something wrong , and she looks at me and says it’s a lot softer than I thought it would be and I’m like the beard and she says yeah.

She goes your beard is really soft and inside I’m kind of like high-fiving myself, only because that’s just the natural consequences of taking care of your facial hair.

So apparently, most people think that beards are just rough and hard and and she couldn’t keep her hands off of it and she loves my beard. So I thought that was kind of cool.  Also, you’re not going to attract the same kind of ladies that you did when you were clean shaven? it’s just not going to happen.

Anyway, I promised this was going to be a short post . Thanks for reading and leave your comments below .


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