Learn How to Deal With a Patchy Beard

Today we’re going to learn how to deal with a patchy beards. What you can do about it and  how to grow a beard to be proud of .

First,  I want to show you this photo. This is a photo of a guy who’s grown a beard for one month to me it looks like a pretty sparse, a pretty patchy beard.

Now this is the exact same guy. One month later, when he’s committed to growing his beard, you can see that its started to fill l  a lot more.


More of the patches are covered and what’s important with this is a patchy beard may or may not actually be a patchy beard if you give it time to grow because what happens is the hairs on your beard? They all grow at different speeds.

So what you need to do when growing your beard, if you do start off with a pantry beard, is to really give it time to see what your potential is.

So you want to give it like three or four months to see how it fills in to see how the hairs cover up the patches to see what it does.

And then you may end up having just a fantastic beard that fills in so having a patchy beard at an early stage, doesn’t always mean you’re going to always have patches to deal with , never forget when you look closely every beard has patches in it including mine.

Believe me it’s not really that big of a deal and you’re always going to be your own worst critic.

For you guy’s out there that have grown their beard out for three to four months and it’s still patchy as hell, and you just can’t stand it then my suggestion is you don’t have to go completely shaven.

My recommendation is similar to how, when you you go, bald, try to go with a shorter beard and the shorter beard is going to look a lot more presentable .

Lets take Johnny Depp for example he has a patchy beard

johnny depp patchy beard

Now there’s a third type of patchy beard, and these are the guys who say they have a patchy beard, but really their expectations are too high.

So I was talking to a guy one time at an event, and he was rocking a five o’clock shadow that looked like it would be pretty dense if he let it grow ,and I said, hey man, why don’t you grow a beard? He’s like? Oh man, it grows in patchy.

So here’s the thing you really need to taper your expectations as your not really going to know If you have a patchy beard or not until you let it grow.

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