How To Raise Testosterone Naturally For Beard Growth

How To Raise Testosterone Naturally For Beard Growth

I recently took a trip to Florida and all on on the billboards there was all these signs saying testosterone therapy for men, so I want to talk today a little bit about what testosterone and estrogen is in the body.

So the main difference between men and women is testosterone and estrogen. Men have more testosterone. Women have more estrogen when you have more estrogen, you naturally hold more fat and you also begin to exhibit more feminine qualities.

When you have more testosterone, you begin to have more muscle, more strength, possibly more aggression,  so there could be some imbalances to having too much testosterone right, but in general you want to have a healthy balance of testosterone, especially for us men.

You want to really do be doing things to increase your testosterone and to lower your estrogen as that will go someway to improving your beard growth , so let’s talk a little bit about foods.

So there are certain foods you can eat that will increase your testosterone and there are certain foods you can eat that will increase your estrogen, and of course when trying to grow beard we obviously want to avoid those right ?.

So let’s talk a little bit about them, so some of the foods that increase testosterone so red meat are very important elements to the production of testosterone.

How To Raise Testosterone Naturally For Beard Growth

Foods that increase testosterone are those high quality animal proteins, eggs, fish, chicken, turkey, your best to opt for organic, free-range produce that is free of antibiotics and free of of added hormones.

Some other produce that are beneficial to increased testosterone production are pumpkin seeds because of the zinc in them?  magnesium is also very important, so you want to be eating your greens, kale is packed full of magnesium you could also add some magnesium supplements to your daily routine.

There are some other things that can increase your testosterone production. There are citrus fruits. These are very good, so grapefruits things like that .

Let’s talk about some food sources that increase your estrogen production like processed carbohydrates, breads , muffins , donuts and pastas, these are foods that should not be consumed on a daily basis .

I’m not saying that you have to cut it out completely, but  it should only be a small part of your diet.  So to increase your testosterone levels and to improve the chances of growing a patch free full beard it’s a great idea to focus on a diet that is mainly made up of high quality lean animal proteins and cruciforus vegtables for the needed minerals your body craves .

A few other things that increase testosterone production are onions and garlic plus fenugreek as an added supplement.

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