Barber Turns Shy Insurance Man Into Top Model By Getting Him To Grow A Beard

Barber, tells a shy insurance man to grow a beard and his life changes completely. There are many men who look better with facial hair than they do without .

Some of these men never attempt to grow a beard and they don’t know how much better they would look with a beard.

one one day a barber told this shy insurance man “Gwilym Pugh”, he needed to grow a beard and it ended up. Transforming the man’s life.

William was a 21 year old businessman who was running a successful business from his home in his spare bedroom. He was suffering, though, from a variety of injuries which forced him to work from home, since he spent most of his days sitting down in the house.

Since he spent most of his day sitting at home in his chair working he rapidly gained weighed reaching 280 pounds while his business was going well, he wasn’t happy.

He realized he needed to get his life in order if he was going to be healthy and happy with who he was when William went to the barber one day.

He told his barber that he and his friends had started a folk band several years ago and he wanted the band to do better. It’s at this point that his barber suggested that he tried to grow a beard to look the part as at the time the mild mannered redheaded businessman / musician, had no facial hair whatsoever.



He decided to go ahead and take the barbers advice as he had nothing to lose and if it looked ridiculous he would just chop it  off . So he started growing his  ginger beard? Well, next, he decided to start eating better and the biggest change he made was quitting his desk job.

He realized that sitting in a chair for nine to ten hours a day was not healthy. Over the course of five years he lost 90 pounds.


He documented his new facial hair and his weight-loss journey on his Instagram account and one day a Welsh tailor named Nathan Palmer stumbled across his Instagram account


and Williams. Life changed when Nathan Palmer saw his photos. He sent them over to a london-based, modeling agency called a MCK models as soon as they saw his photos. They reached out to sign him to a contract.

It wasn’t long before he worked on campaigns for Bud Light vans, diesel and many other big names. His biggest success was when he became the ambassador for David Beckham’s. New male grooming, brand house 99.

Williams says that the changes he made improved his life greatly. He says he tries not to let this unexpected success go to his head. His girlfriend makes sure that he doesn’t get caught up in it and he says his life is totally different now .

He went from working in finance to working with creative people and he’s able to travel all over the world for his work and he says his career change is especially great for his health .

Workouts are especially helpful for William, so he can stay fit. Many people have asked him what the turning point in his life was they asked how he went from a fresh-faced, pudgy financial wizard, to one of the most in-demand models today.

He says that he has his barber to thank for it as it was his barbers advice to grow a beard which led him to want to change not just his face, but also his mind and his body.

He says that it was an awful lot of work to get where he is today, but he couldn’t be happier with the results. He says he has no regrets about leaving his successful business and his spare room behind.



What he’s doing now is a dream come true for every fresh-faced man to see such amazing results after growing a beard.

Of course we’re not claiming that growing a beard will turn you into a succesfull model like William but hey it can’t hurt to dream.

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