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For many years I was of the belief that having a beard would be a hindrance to the goals I had in my life . I worked for a city firm where anything but the norm would land you in a meeting with the manager and a member of the HR team .

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After growing tired of working in the “typical corporate environment” I decided it was time for a change and decided to take a paycut and work for a new start up firm . Joining the start up firm had a profound effect on my life in many way’s,firstly I met my beautiful wife, and secondly my new work environment was a lot more relaxed around the whole suit and tie traditional attire thing .

This proved to be a monumental moment for me as at this point I began to embrace my facial hair . In my younger “whipper snapper days” Truth be told I actually found it a bit of a hindrance that my facial hair grew so quickly .I started to hear comments like ” I wish I could grow a beard like yours ” . If only it was that simple I would think .

Wet shaving everyday felt like a chore and if I’m honest it felt kind of pointless as the ONLY reason I shaved everyday was purely to fit into the corporate culture . Fast forward a few years I decided to start up my own app company and it was at this point that beards seemed to be the in thing .

A lot of people think that growing a beard is trying to fit a certain look i.e are you a hipster ?

which when you’ve heard it for the 10 th time that evening in the bar can become tiresome . In my opinion owning a beard shouldnt have to fit into a nice little convenient box .

A lot of people have grown their beards for a myriad of reasons religion or just “good old” personal preference . Of course people like Chris Millington,Billy Huxley and quite a few others have done a lot to bring beards into the mainstream . These guy’s are pionerrs of that look and I would imagine they are flattered or possibly even proud by the part they played in bringing beards to the mainstream culture . Growing a beard has become less about why I started it and more about why I choose it .

I feel a real sense of pride . In fact It gives me a sense of pride and makes me feel good in so many different ways – It’s could be a simple passing comment from a stranger or the person on the underground having a good old stare – I treat it as a compliment.

The mere fact someone has taken the time out of their day to show their appreciation . At this stage of my life it feels like the beard is a part of me . Anyway enough of my random rambling please enjoy my blog and feel free to drop me a line .