Want To Grow A Beard Well Here’s Three Tip’s You Need To Know


                               Want to grow a beard like the one below well here’s three tip’s you need to know


3 tips to grow a beard


Rule Number 1)  I wouldn’t have to mention this, but there’s a myth that if you shave your hair on your face over and over again, it’s going to get thicker and fuller and it’s going to grow faster.


Wrong,It’s a myth ,If you want to grow a beard, let it grow, don’t shave, it give it three months, and if you can’t commit to three months – well then chances are you probably can’t commit to going to full beard.

There was a point where my beard was full of patches where my hair was being stubborn and just wouldn’t grow.

But heres the thing you just need to give it time do it’s thing , don’t shave it, thinking it’s going to come back thicker and fuller and grow.

Rule Number two ) do not give up. You got your beard, it’s itching! it’s bothering you and your girlfriend keeps droning on about how much she hates it .

Of course you could dump her but that’s maybe a little extreme . Beard oil can come to the rescue plus it smells good rub it in your hands, put it in your beard and your good to go .

If you think you’ve had enough and are ready to chop it off , don’t give it like a week you’ve gone this far already especially so if you’ve been growing that bad boy for two months or more .

You owe it at least a week before you decide to chop it off? You feel like it’s not growing fast enough, maybe, and that’s why you want to give up, well don’t try biotin as it works. This will make your hair grow faster.

Not just your beard, though, it’ll grow everywhere, pubic hairs, armpit hairs, hair on your head ,back, chest hair. Wherever you got hair, it’s going to grow faster, so that’s just another little thing you can try before cutting your manly beard off.

Rule number three ) Use beard products. If you have a short beard, use beard oil, if you have a longer beard, use beard balm these little wonders will moisturize and plus they will nourish the skin underneath your beard.


When you have a longer beard, the balm is what you use to basically keep it shaped and if you have a short beard, you’re going to use a beard brush, it will help to evenly distribute your beard. The beard brush will kind of make your beard all flow in one way and look good when you get it longer, you’re going to want to have a beard comb.

Anyway those are my three tips for growing a beard. If you have any questions, put them in the comment section.

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